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Horsham Society Publications


These publications may help you to find

additional information related to Horsham

and the work of the Society

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Spy Horsham Childrens Trail

Spy Horsham

Spy Horsham is our exciting new children's trail which has been developed with a group of children from Arunside Primary School. It includes forty-six challenges which encourage children to seek out hidden treasures in the the town centre and Horsham Park, collecting points along the way.
A certificate is awarded on completion of all the challenges.
Copies are available for £1.50 from Horsham Museum and Art Gallery in the Causeway.

Good by Design

Good by Design - Building Design in Horsham by Philip Ayerst RIBA
Good by Design combines and expands content from the Horsham Town Design Statement adopted by Horsham District Council in December 2008 and from the Design Protocol of Chichester District Council, December 2013. It is designed as guidance for developers, designers and professional planners.

Horsham - Good by Design
Horsham Town Trail Leaflet

Town trail Leaflet

Town Trail Leaflet
A self-guided circular trail around the town starting from the Station. 

Price - £0.25

Available from Horsham Museum and Art Gallery in the Causeway, or contact 

Green Spaces Survey

A Survey of Horsham's Green Spaces 2013

Horsham Society Green Space Survey
Horsham Society - Horsham Changes

Horsham Changes

A Journey Through Horsham’s Changes by John Buchanan and Annabelle Hughes is an excellent commentary upon the chronology of change to the town. Focussing  between the years of 1962 and 2004, with numerous photographs highlighting the development, this book was published by Horsham Society in 2008.

A Stones throw

A Stone’s Throw from Gaol Green marks the Society’s Silver Jubilee in 1980. A collection of essays on changes that have taken place in the centre of Horsham since the founding of the Horsham Society in 1955. Its content touches on a few events of the period, reminding the older resident of the changes which have taken place, and giving the more recent residents an idea of what the town was like in earlier days.

Horsham Society - A Stones Throw from Goal Green
Horsham Society Town Trail for Children

Horsham town trail for children

Although superseded by Spy Horsham, this 1996 publication was written to help young people appreciate and learn something of the heritage of Horsham. Many Horsham schools used this to support their Local Studies. A range of additional information is also included at the end of the book.

Horsham pubs

Horsham Pubs Past and Present, Town Trail No.2  1985.     Public houses have always played an important part in the social life of Horsham. At one stage the town could boast of having one of the highest number of pubs per population in the country.

Horsham Society - Horsham Pubs
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