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About the Society

The purpose of the Horsham Society is to watch over the interests of the town, to guard its heritage, to promote good planning and design and to speak up when it believes decisions critical to Horsham are being considered. We have a strong membership, a pedigree stretching back to 1955, an influential reputation and we are one of the largest civic societies in south-east England. 

We publish leaflets and books. Members also receive a newsletter, packed with interest and published eleven times a year, which contains news on topical issues of concern, articles dealing with the history and future of the town, and a busy letters page. Members are encouraged to submit their own articles and views on issues that concern them or their neighbours, and a lively exchange of opinion usually results.

Planning issues are a major concern for the Society as changes made today, for good or ill, will last for decades and perhaps much longer. 

Examples of the Society's work include:

  • Championing, with the Horsham Town Community Partnership, the creation of the Riverside Walk.

  • Agreeing with HDC to further develop the "Local List" to help protect houses and other buildings of special interest from arbitrary demolition and development.

  • Campaigning vigorously with other local Civic Groups to save Rookwood from housing development.

  • Helping protect some of the town's key amenities by securing their status as Assets of Community Value such as the Capitol, the Drill Hall and Rookwood.

  • Drawing attention to the poor condition of some of the business premises in the Town Centre Conservation Area and pressing for improvement.

  • Connecting with local students to assist their studies and develop their knowledge of the town and its heritage.

About The Society
Society Officers

Society Officers

p1 Chairman_edited.png

Ron Bates


Horsham Society Vice Chairman

Malcolm Willis

Vice Chair

Horsham Society Treasurer

David Clark

Hon. Treasurer

Horsham Society Secretary

Jan Irwin

Hon. Secretary

Horsham Society Member Sctry.

Chris Spiers

Membership Secretary

Peter Beckley 2023_edited.png

Peter Beckley


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