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The former Novartis site, Parsonage Road:

In March the Society had a helpful meeting with representatives of the developers, but remained disappointed with the proposals for the residential components of this key site. The overall design appears to have been over-constrained by a desire to maximise return on investment. Consequently the Society has objected to the associated planning applications covering appearance, landscaping, layout and style.

The Society highlighted the insufficient provision for parking, also raising concerns about the highway consequences generated by the additional traffic and the proposed traffic circulation.

"No" to Sainsbury's Local:

On 10th January 2023 HDC refused Sainsbury's latest application to set up shop on the site of the former Horsham Car Centre in Crawley Road. The reasons for refusal were the inadequate level of off-street parking and overdevelopment of the site with a harmful impact on the amenity, character and appearance of the area. Local residents have been very active in objecting to this development, taking the previous similar application to judicial review which found in their favour.

The Horsham Society also raised objections to both applications on the grounds of unacceptable impact on local residents and the road safety dangers of vehicles entering and exiting a site so close to the crossroads.

Sussex House and loss of privacy:

Sussex House is a former commercial building located next to The Capitol in North Street and now being converted to living accommodation. Plans  began to emerge some three years ago and a string of planning applications has followed with a trend towards adding more units and putting pressure on parking. The impact of the developing plans and the reality of the build has caused major concern for nearby residents, especially in terms of loss of privacy through overlooking. The situation appears to have been made even worse by alleged unauthorised deviations from approved plans, in particular, the building of balconies overlooking Norfolk Road. These alleged deviations are currently the subject of a formal objection by local residents.

The Horsham Society has been critical of plans throughout and raised a number of objections concerning the size of the units, inadequate parking and loss of privacy.

Morrisons In Mowbray:

The Horsham Society has been pressing for an improved design of the proposed store. The existing proposal is basically a "shed" and doesn't do justice to what is supposed to be an exemplar development. Morrisons has come back with some options for different brickwork but with nothing on the "shed" design, nothing on the elevations and nothing on the rooflines.

The Society continues to press for improvement.

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