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Horsham Society Stories from the Stones
Horsham Society Stories from the Stones
Horsham Society Stories from the Stones

Stories from the Stones

Guided Tour Around Denne Cemetery

Denne Road Cemetery is a well-kept secret. A casual passer-by may notice just some mown grass with a few scattered gravestones. The old lych-gate, often draped with a chain, leads into an overgrown wilderness.  Looking past the gatehouse they would see an uninviting path leading through an avenue of dark, menacing trees. Most people venture no further.
But, beyond this unpromising facade lies a treasure-house of Horsham’s Victorian history. 
The tour discovers: how Horsham was brought to a standstill by a funeral; one of the greatest tax frauds of all time; the man who made himself rich by ruining others; how the children of this parish were all taken to the 1851 Great Exhibition; the family whose son went down on The Titanic; and, of course, William Pirie. 


These free tours are led by Vee Willis, a Horsham Heritage Walks Guide. 


Tours are now finished for the season.  It is intended to repeat these in 2023. Booking details will be in the April or May Newsletter 2023.

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