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 Walks in Horsham


For many people Horsham’s greatest amenity is its easily accessible countryside.  There can’t be many towns this size where you can set out from the shopping centre and be in open country within five minutes.  We can even circumnavigate Horsham on the Riverside Walk, and if we choose to walk across town instead we can do so via any number of parks, green spaces and traffic-free paths.

To celebrate this we’re publishing some of our favourite walks.  For each walk there is a brief preview with photos, and a written guide in PDF format for printing.  There will also be a page showing the walk superimposed on Ordnance Survey mapping - for viewing on line only, as OS terms & conditions restrict further copies of the map.

Ordnance Survey maps can be bought at Waterstones, Blacks and elsewhere in Horsham.  If you're new to walking, we strongly recommend you equip yourself with Explorer 134 (Horsham & Crawley).  Quite apart from anything else, once you start you'll want to make up your own walks - it's much more fun than following someone else's!

Select a walk from the links below..

North-West Horsham & Warnham»

Denne Hill & Chesworth Farm»