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 About the Horsham Society


President:  Dr Annabelle Hughes
Vice-Presidents: Nigel Friswell, John Steele
Chairman:  Malcolm Willis

The Society's purpose is to watch over the interests of the town, to guard its heritage, to promote good planning and design and to speak up when it believes decisions detrimental to Horsham are being considered.

With a strong membership, a long pedigree stretching back to 1955 and an influential reputation, the Society is one of the most important in the country.

The Society publishes leaflets and books, and members receive an informative newsletter, packed with interest and published eleven times a year.  It contains news on topical issues of concern, well-researched and often unique articles dealing with the history and future of the town, and a busy letters page.

Members are actively encouraged to submit their own articles and views on issues that concern them or their neighbours, and a lively exchange of opinion usually results.

Find out more about the work of the Horsham Society in our Current Issues section.
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